Yes this can be an option. We have a smart charging system where you can choose when to charge your vehicle via an app.

A tethered charger means it has a cable attached which you plug into your car at the other end. Untethered chargers are designed to be used with a cable that has a plug on either end – one to plug into your car, and the other that plugs into the charger.

This of course depends on how many and the complexity however we can turn these around within a two weeks sometimes

In Europe, the Type 2 inlet is the standard for charging cables while the Type 1 inlet is the dominant variation in Asian, Japanese and American markets.
Type 1 plug is a 5-pin design and has a latch that keeps the plug in place and prevents it from being dislodged from the charger socket, while the Type 2 models, with 7-pin design don’t have these latches. Instead, the vehicles that utilise Type 2 plugs have a locking pin that locates and secures the plug in place.


This all depends on the vehicle, the way to look at it is that the car tells the chargepoint the rating it can pull.  Example if you have a MG which only pulls 7kw to the battery and connect to a 22kw charger it will only still pull 7kw.  A Tesla from 0% on a 11kw usually take 3-4 hours for a full charge. The larger the battery capacity, the longer it will take to char