You can earn income for every unit you export to the grid (dependent on the rate the government sets) If you have the space to be able to “over generate” we can look at installing a system to allow you to do this.

We will be able to identify this during our desktop analysis and will show you the system production vs your consumption 

As solar panels have no moving parts, very little service and maintenance is required. To keep your solar panels generating efficiently we recommend an annual service to ensure your system is kept in full working order and any fault or drop in generation is flagged immediately and resolved. With average rain fall most panels are self-cleaning, but depending on local weather conditions, bird activity and overhanging trees your panels may also require an occasional clean. It’s unlikely that this will be an annual requirement, but an annual check will ensure that you do not lose generation due to dirty panels.

This is dependent on the manufacturer and system installed as everyone is different however usually solar panels typically last between 25-30 years, at which manufacturers would call the optimal rate.

If asbestos is identified this will require over cladding or removal. Over cladding is a very safe and more cost-effective remediation for Asbestos roofs and will enable modification (positioning of a solar array) without harm. We do work with roofing partners that can support with these proposals.

Solar panels work through all four seasons of the year, come rain or shine, or even hail or in light snow. But solar panels do generally produce less energy in winter. That's because the days are shorter, so there are fewer hours of daylight and the sun is lower in the sky, on average. However with our technology we can show you on your online portal the performance of each panel live.

Even a roof that doesn't fit the ideal requirements can still be suitable for solar panels. We will provide advise about the most suitable way to maximise energy generation. However don’t forget you can also install ground mounted solar to make the most of your land space. (restrictions may apply)

It is always advantageous to have a south facing roof however it is not out of the question and we can do a desktop analysis to see how viable this would be for your space.

Battery Storage

By installing a Battery Energy Storage System you can store this low carbon energy, and discharge it during the day rather than using more carbon-intensive grid power. 

With the various solar batteries available in the market. You can get solar batteries of different size. The solar batteries varies from small, medium and large. The size of the batteries determine the capacity, and the voltage. 


EV Charge Points

Yes this can be an option. We have a smart charging system where you can choose when to charge your vehicle via an app.

A tethered charger means it has a cable attached which you plug into your car at the other end. Untethered chargers are designed to be used with a cable that has a plug on either end – one to plug into your car, and the other that plugs into the charger.

This of course depends on how many and the complexity however we can turn these around within a two weeks sometimes

In Europe, the Type 2 inlet is the standard for charging cables while the Type 1 inlet is the dominant variation in Asian, Japanese and American markets.
Type 1 plug is a 5-pin design and has a latch that keeps the plug in place and prevents it from being dislodged from the charger socket, while the Type 2 models, with 7-pin design don’t have these latches. Instead, the vehicles that utilise Type 2 plugs have a locking pin that locates and secures the plug in place.