Commercial Solar Panels

With the ongoing energy crisis that has depended throughout 2022 and with no clear signs of it settling down in 2023 it has never been more important for energy users to self generate and be smarter in the way we use energy. Solar PV technology accompanied with battery storage has become the most viable option of self generation right now for multiple reasons however the main reason is simply the pay back period.

  • Protect your business from the energy crisis
  • Lower your carbon emissions
  • Off-grid protection
  • Payback period has reduced considerably
  • Generate revenue from surplus energy generated
  • Taxable profits reduced by 50% of solar investment, prior to March 2023

Required Information

Site Address – including postcode and pinpoint or outline the building(s) on a Google Earth Image. Do you own the freehold? The unit cost for electricity and annual electricity usage.

Desktop Survey & Illustration

Using the data provided, we will provide you with the following: The potential size of a suitable system. Associated costs of the proposed system. ROI for a Capex, lease and free funding / payment options. Estimated savings of the electricity bill.

Site Survey

Once confirmed that you are keen to progress, a site survey will then be arranged. We will establish the exact areas Solar PV system could be installed. Survey any structural issues with the building(s). Analyse all the design possibilities to maximise ROI and output. Identify any possible obstcles or areas of concern that could affect the proposed solution.


Following the site survey, we will deliver a proposal detailing the ptimised technical soluton along with the associated costs and ROI for a Capex, lease and free funding model.

Planning & DNO

Once the project has been approved, the process will continue for Planning and District Network Operator (DNO) approval as applicable. The DNO approval process can take up to 45 working days to complete.

Funding Agreement

If a PPA funded or a Finance Lease Agreement model is chosen, an agreement with the funder / financial institution will need to be signed.


Once the other stages are completed, an installation date will then be agreed. Project risk assessments will be prepared and sent for approval. 10 working days should be allowed for this.

Sign off and handover

Following the install, a full demonstration of the Solar PV system will be given on how to use and monitor, whilst being made aware of all relevant details regarding monitoring, maintenance and support.