Sell your energy

We will buy your excess energy generation!

At ESEV we identified a problem our customers face within the Renewables market. The transition to renewables can be demanding on time and resources, and complex for customers. Often there is a need to involve numerous companies on the journey to renewables/self-generation, from initial energy consumption review and solution development, to identification and installation of technology.

There is then the task of arranging for aftercare and the sale of excess energy that a Solar system can over-generate which you either cannot use on site or store following installation, so rather than allowing that excess generated energy to just go back to the grid you can take advantage of Ofgem’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which is currently sat at 5p/pkwh. In response to this, we wanted to create a simplified service offering which enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals, reduce their energy costs and create a revenue stream through one partnership.

We have created a market leading service offer – the ‘ESEV Export Solar Basket’. This is our inhouse Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) whereby once we have installed our renewable technology on your site (Solar PV / Battery Storage) we can add you into our ‘ESEV Export Solar Basket’ which will purchase all excess energy from you that is generated over and above what you can either consume or store.

This PPA proposition gives customers a much higher payback & additional revenue stream as the p/kwh for each unit generated will be purchased at a percentage of the index System Sell Price (SSP) market rate which is published here:

This is significantly more than the standard Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

As a result, our customers are better supported on their renewable journey, receiving a wrap-around service from project initiation, implementation and after-care.

Please note, this benefit requires a Half Hourly Meter (HH) to be able to access this service.

  • Sell excess energy back at favourable rates compared to smart export guarantee
  • PPA Proposition gives customers a much higher payback & additional revenue stream
  • Simplified wrap-around service
  • Access to expert advice and support